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Message par Lilisan le Dim 16 Avr - 23:54

Hello Everybody ~

Welcome on Little Secret !

We're a scantrad community which aim to share doujinshi about the japanese band, Arashi (and perhaps some others Johnny's). We're a small team working with his own scans.
If you own yourself some doujinshis you'd like to be translated and shared, you can post a comment here, you'll be credited matter of factly !

We hope you'll enjoy reading and discovering those doujinshi as much as we enjoyed working on them.

Enjoy it ~


How to join our Community ?

You have to read the rules and approve them for joining the community. Tell us you're fav pairing too in your com!

Rules :

¤ Don't redistribute, reupload, share our projects outside this community. Thanks to warn us if you find someone sharing our work ^-^
¤ Ask us if you want to re-use our scans for another project.
¤ Please inform us if you find some dead links, we'll reupload them ASAP.
¤ PM us if you want to be affiliated to the community.
¤ All our posts are locked and the community is moderated.
¤ Don't hotlink.
¤ Japanese isn't our mother tongue, we do our best but our translation are surely not 100% accurate.
¤ You must present yourself Here
¤ And last but not least, ENJOY READING!

We'll answer to your joining request as soon as possible, after verifying your comment on this topic by which you agree to follow our rules.

You can contact us by MP if you have questions or requests Very Happy

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Rules Little Secret - ENG Empty Re: Rules Little Secret - ENG

Message par kimigadaisuki le Dim 9 Déc - 17:01

I will follow every rules stated on this community.. Those prohibited actions shall never be break. I mean I dont think I'm gonna do all that since I'm too lazy. As for pairing i love sakuraiba and juntoshi. My ichiban is ohchan but sakuraiba is just too perfect with each other ;;;; but i love them all. sobs


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